Saturday, July 15, 2007: The topic of affordable housing was brought up on the Open For Business Saturday show with host Tom Egelhoff, co-host Shane Montalban, and guest Mike McCormick.

The caller spoke very articulately about her displeasure with the City Commission’s stand on affordable housing and that struck a chord with listeners.

One listener suggested that she would not only support the caller’s run for City Commission but would volunteer to work on her campaign.

Another caller talked about the cost of property taxes that she felt would be a deterrent to affordable housing.

The City Commission has decided to enforce Ordinance 1922 that would force builders to include affordable homes in any new subdivisions within the city limits of Bozeman. You can read more about the City Commission’s decision and the ordinance 1922  in one of my previous blogs here.

Various city commissions have debated this issue over the past 25 years that I’ve lived in Bozeman.

Many plans have been tried but nothing has been successful so far.

I don’t expect the current version to be any more successful than any previous plan proposed and the callers seem to share that opinion.

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