Let’s face facts — our lives revolve around numbers.

Social Security, credit cards, bank accounts, computer passwords, combination locks all keep us secure.

Or at least the illusion we’re secure.

Our automobile license plates are numbered. Your driver’s license is numbered. So is the plat of your property.

Your address is numbered. Unless you live in Carmel, California where house numbers are prohibited.

Not sure what they tell police or fire, but it seems to work for them.

Can You Prove Who You Are?

Not without numbers you can’t. The hospital needs your date of birth before you receive any form of treatment.

Your supplemental insurance card will have your ID number. Your Medicare card will also have your number prominently displayed.

Your friendly neighborhood police officer might detain you until the proper numbers are discovered that identify you. Your name is unimportant.

Only numbers will confirm who you are.

When you go to the court house you — take a number. At fast food they will call your number.

Business Numbers

Your account number is all you need to check on your cable bill, phone bill, electric bill or water bill.

It’s an inconvenience if the person answering the phone has to look you up by name. Chances are your phone number will do the trick.

Most reward programs at various businesses can find you with those seven digits you can never remember because you never call yourself.

Business has the 80-20 rule. Eighty percent of your profits will come from 20 percent of your customers.

Why Seven?

Studies show that seven things are about the extent of our memories for retaining things.

Which is why we have seven dwarfs, seven-digit phone number, seven deadly sins, and the Seven Wonders of the World.

The seven continents of the world are North America, South America, Antarctica, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia.

You can sail the seven seas. If you’re religious there are the Seven Sacraments.

Some Final Thoughts

Perhaps you’ve been 86’d from a bar. Know someone whose number was up. Gotten the 3rd degree.

Been described by men or women as between a 1 and a 10. If you’re a parent you might remember the terrible twos.

Memorable dates: 16 you can drive, 18 you can drink in some states, 21 you are no longer considered a Juvenile in the eyes of the law.

At 30 your life is over and 65-66-67 you retire depending on when you were born.

What numbers rule your world?

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