Steve Conover, author of “Neutering The National Debt” joined Tom Egelhoff and Shane Montalban on “Dominick In The Morning” to talk about deficits and the national debt. (Listen to the Interview audio at the bottom of this article)

"Neutering the National Debt" is a refreshingly different perspective on deficits, the national debt, and economic growth. The author uses clear language and practical examples from our everyday lives to shed a surprising new light on these topics.

For example, his "nuclear war brain teaser" quickly reveals the dangerous paradox built into the idea of a balanced budget amendment. And that's just one example of the author's frontal assault on conventional wisdom; these pages hold many additional surprises.

His argument should jolt all of us into rethinking many topics we had thought were settled, such as: the Reagan-era deficits; the Clinton-era surpluses; the "debt ceiling"; the supposed wisdom of "paying down the debt"; what he calls "the fairy tale of trickle-down economics"; and other talking points high on both parties' political agendas.

He explains how the USA has neutralized the perceived problems of deficits and debt in the past, and how we could do it again. In the final chapter he bluntly suggests how the Republicans and the Democrats could adjust their respective agendas in order to neutralize the national debt and clear the path to prosperity, then he finishes with his estimate of each party's chances of pulling it off.

As CNBC's Larry Kudlow said, Steve sheds a brand new light on this subject, and shows that economic growth solves debt.

This book is a must read for anyone who wants a new perspective on these topics; it's a welcome escape from the tired, worn-out talking points we've been hearing from both parties for too long.” (Source)

Steve Conover has contributed dozens of articles to the American Enterprise Institute’s online magazine,, since 2011.
For the last twenty years he has been writing on many of the topics covered in this book, including nearly a decade of blogging as "The Skeptical Optimist."

Recently retired from a senior management role with a Fortune 50 corporation, he holds a B.S. in engineering, M.B.A. in finance, and Ph.D. in political economy.

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