Money guru Mike McCormick joined Tom and Shane for this week’s Weekly Market Wrap Up. Shane brought us all up to speed regarding the various markets around the world.

Commodities such as gold, silver, and agriculture prices of soybeans, wheat and pork prices were discussed.

Oil remained about that same even as the Saudi’s announced changes in their production quotas.

Will home prices be affected by Fed Rates in the coming months. If rates go up would that create a seller’s market? Or would they be harder to sell.

Inflation rate in Venezuela is now 24,571 percent inflation.

Mike also covered the cryptocurrency report for the week. Bitcoin and others are still of interest to many investors but are also a little scary to many.

Shane feels that Bitcoin is stagnant due to people cashing out.

A caller felt that our tax money is no longer ours when the government gets their hands on it. Also, a caller wanted to know about Social Security and where does that money end up?

Dominick joined the party to talk about the new show about Bozeman on the Paramount channel called “Yellowstone.

See everyone next week.

You can hear the entire June 23rd three hour edition of Open for Business by Clicking HERE.

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