I don’t post much political content on my blog unless it’s business related, but I feel compelled to come to the aid of my liberal friends on social media.

I know the past couple of months since November 8th have been agonizing for you. A sure win turned into an unbelievable defeat.

The thrill of victory snatched from your outstretched hands only to be forced to embrace the agony of defeat. Apologies to ABC’s Wide World of Sports.

Great athletes accept defeat and live to fight another day. Successful people get up one more time than they’re knocked down.

Apparently it’s much tougher for you.

Trump Bashing

The election is barely two months behind us yet the multiple daily Trump bashing posts continue non stop 24/7. It’s really getting old, guys.

It’s like watching the Miss America swimsuit competition. After about 30 contestants you start to lose interest and they all begin to meld together and start to look alike. You’d have to be off the charts hot to get any interest if you’re number 46 in that lineup.

I was forced to give up comments after the first week and I know I lasted longer than most.

I could have written them all out in Word and just cut and pasted for the past 60 days.

Limited Discrimination

It’s a good thing the classes protected from discrimination are so limited otherwise a lot of you would be in court.

No liberal designer dresses for the first lady (and she’s an immigrant), no liberal entertainment acts of any kind at the inauguration, no liberal high-kicking Radio Music Hall Rockets, no liberal private schools for Kelly Ann Conway’s kids in Washington, DC, and many more liberal safe zones needed for the traumatized youth on America’s campuses.

I can’t even imagine how the nation’s university professors are going to teach with Trump in power.

The list of put upon Americans is endless. How, oh how, will we ever survive a Trump presidency?

Professional Help Is The Only Answer

If you made an Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or Snapchat post in tears over Donald Trumps victory then you have much, much, bigger issues than the results of an election.

If this is your initial reaction, I’m not sure how you’re going to survive the next four years. The memes have already begun to recycle.

And a re-election in 2020 would probably require the lengthy use of powerful pharmaceuticals for you to cope.

Safe zones would begin to resemble small cities. Puppy mills would have to work overtime. Crayola would have to add more shifts to meet demand.

Will Trump get any credit for creating those jobs?

Some Helpful Advice

Let me try to put your mind at ease.

As of this writing, the president-elect has not signed a single bill, has not prohibited anyone from entering the United States, hasn’t deported anyone, hasn’t deprived anyone of their Medicare or Social Security, hasn’t raised anyone’s taxes, and hasn’t drone killed any Americans — or terrorists.

Presidents come and go, yet the US Constitution remains.

And it’s for that very reason that you should find comfort and protection in its very powerful pages affording you the Bill of Rights and other amendments to protect you from the likes of Donald Trump.

Some Final Thoughts

There’s still a Supreme Court. There are still checks and balances in government. There are still the rule of law.

Presidents are not dictators as much as the current one tried to be.

Sit back, take deep breaths, take a sip or two of an adult beverage and accept reality.

I know it’s not the reality you want or the one you expected, but the one you’re perpetuating on yourselves day in and day out is harmful to you.

Build a bridge to sanity and get over it.

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