Kraft Heinz Company is offering unpaid government workers unlimited free Kraft food products in a promotion called “Kraft Now Pay Later.”

Kraft Foods is the second largest food company in the world, right behind Nestle Foods.

Kraft Heinz makes a ton of products including, jams and jellies, all sorts of cheese, Mac & Cheese, and hot dogs. For a complete list of Kraft Heinz products CLICK HERE.

The “popup” store will open in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday and stay open until Sunday.

Kraft is hoping that workers will donate to their favorite charity or help someone in need when their paychecks resume.

Lemonade Stands

Kraft has come to the rescue of others over the years.

You might have heard of our uncompassionate government shutting down evil children opening lemonade stands in their front yards.

Kraft’s Country Time Lemonade unit has offered to defend in court and pay any fines related to children who set up stands and are shut down for permit violations.

Entrepreneurs win.

Some Final Thoughts

Some companies know how to get free press and others don’t. Giving free food to furloughed government workers for five days is a drop in the bucket for Kraft but you’ll have thousands of workers spreading the word about an evil unfeeling corporation putting people ahead of profits.

Pass the Kleenex.

Do you think they might sell a few extra jars of Miracle Whip in support of their compassionate act? I would guess so.

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