Shane started out the last half hour with the Weekly Market Report. He fills us in on what’s up and what’s down.

All the markets are up for the most part. Europe markets also holding steady. Only Spain is not doing well.

Asia is overvalued but Japan is hanging in there.

Commodities including gold were off as well. Metals are showing weakness. Steel down $50 aluminum up $26.

Callers were asked to call about how much the tax cuts hurt or helped individuals. Several called and one caller talked about the amounts a friend saved.

Median household income has reached the highest it’s been in 50 years adjusting for inflation.

As we do every week we report the Venezuela inflation rate which is at 46,305 percent this week.

One of our loyal listeners was wondering if WinCo foods will be coming back to Bozeman. That prompted the high food costs that Shane has to deal with in Canada.

Another caller wanted to know about Trader Joe’s coming to Bozeman.

Listen to this informative wrap up. Here the full 3 hour show HERE.

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