This year, I am trying something new for the holidays. I have decided to do all of my Christmas shopping online. Not because I don't want to spend my money locally but because I wanted to see if I could lure any porch pirates to my house and ruin their day with a box of fresh dog doo.

Some of us may be familiar with the "porch pirate" trend that seems to be sweeping the nation this holiday season. With more and more people doing their holiday shopping online, more and more consumers are getting their holiday gifts delivered to their front door. The only problem is that the deliveries don't always take place when you are home. Thieves are aware of this, and scour neighborhoods for an opportunity to snag a box of holiday goodies from your porch.

The internet is littered with home surveillance footage of the thieves. But, rarely are any of them caught. Recently, in Everett, WA  a nanny caught a thief in the act and quickly brought her to justice.


It is great to be able to have someone stand guard at your home while you are out. But, what about those people who can't afford a house sitter? Some homeowners have resorted to clever booby traps.

Or how about the Portland guy who recently got payback on a thief, by disguising a box full of dog doo to look like a package on her porch?

How would you deal with a porch pirate?

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