Who’s responsible for the mess we’re in? It’s Bush’s fault, Obama’s fault, Carter’s fault, Clinton's fault or Reagan’s fault.

It’s none of the above.

The Markets

The actions of any president don’t make the stock markets go up or down. But they are often saddled with the blame when it goes down or adulation when it goes up.

If you want to blame the market on someone blame Congress — not the president.

The stock market has gone up during every administration since FDR. And will continue to do so regardless of who’s in office.

Gas Prices

When the president was sworn in gas prices were $$ — now they are $$$$. No president has any control over gas prices or the price of oil.

Gasoline and oil are world commodities sold on global markets. Presidents have zero control of the commodity markets.

Gas prices have risen during the term of every president in my lifetime. I guess they are all guilty by association.


Presidents always take the pulpit in hand and pound their chest every time there is the slightest reduction in unemployment.

Our policies are working they trumpet. No — business is working around you to survive in spite of your policies, regulations, taxes and restrictions.

In addition, I believe the American public has woken up to the fact that all government numbers are suspect.

Just pick the stats or time line that reflects favorably on the economy and you’re home free.

Some Final Thoughts

If things are uncomfortable for us we naturally look for someone to blame and the White House is a very large and convenient target.

In war they would call it a soft target.

While presidents do good things, bad things, and questionable things they have little effect on most of the things that affect our daily lives.

Presidents come and go and we see little change in lifestyle.

If it makes you feel better to assign blame or credit to your favorite president feel free to do so. After all, the buck has to stop with someone.

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