Christmas has always been my favorite holiday. My mother was that type of person who decorated every room in the house. I’m not quite that bad but we do go all out for Christmas at my house. Although I will admit we have put up a Christmas shower curtain in past years.

Long before the days of VCR’s and DVD’s there were the yearly television Christmas specials. Bing Crosby, Andy William’s, Dean Martin, The Osmond’s and many others treated us to hours of Christmas music, funny skits and the true message of Christmas in a more innocent time in America.

 Christmas Eve Movies

With the advent of cable TV came the Christmas movie marathons. Repeating the same classic Christmas movie over and over for 24 or more hours. All the classics seem to show up all over the dial each year. The number one movie that comes to most people’s mind when Christmas movies are mentioned is, “It’s a Wonderful Life.” It chronicles the trials and tribulations of George Baily and his guardian angel Clarence. “Miracle on 34th Street” proves Santa Claus is real, at least according to the US Postal Service. There have been many versions of “A Christmas Carol” written by Charles Dickens. My personal favorite is the George C. Scott version. The biggest selling record of all time is, “White Christmas” sung for the very first time by Bing Crosby in the Christmas classic, “Holiday Inn.” You knew you were of age when you were old enough for Santa to bring the Daisy Red Ryder BB Gun. Ralphie tried and tried to talk his Dad into that gun in “The Christmas Story,” another great Christmas classic. But keep in mind it has some language that might not be suitable for some younger viewers.

Some Final Thoughts

While I enjoy the traditional classic Christmas movies, the wife and I have developed our own traditional “outside the box” Christmas fare. “Lethal Weapon 1,” along with “Die Hard 1 & 2,” are an absolute must during Christmas week. And, of course, what Christmas would be complete without Clark Griswold and National Lampoons “Christmas Vacation?”

Some Final Thoughts

Everyone has certain years that Christmas was and especially memorable day. You might have gotten engaged, or the birth of a child, or sadly, the loss of someone close to you.

My most memorable Christmas didn’t take place in the US. On Christmas Day in 1966 I was sitting in 100 degree plus heat in Cu Chi, Republic of South Vietnam. I was waiting to see, and be part of, Bob Hope’s Christmas Special provided to us by the USO. Click Here for a link to a brief clip of that very special day.

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