Everyone sure seems to be in a hurry these days. You’ve probably seen a popular bumper sticker around Bozeman that says, “Did you move here to be in a hurry?”

I, for one, did not.

When I moved to Bozeman one of the things I was looking for was a slower, simpler life. Not sure if I totally found it, but I have to admit that life in Bozeman is sure slower and simpler than San Diego, California was.

What Is A Simple Life Anyway?

You’re in a high-stress job, kids, home, friends, groups. Who has time to relax and embrace that so called simple life?

We hunt, fish, rock climb, camp, river raft, mountain bike, hike, ski, ice climb, jog, golf— yeah — that all sounds simple. Not to mention expensive in some cases.

I watch TV, blog, write, but only when I want. If I get the urge to exert myself in some way, I just lie down till it goes away.

There’s Simple And Then There’s Simple

An all-day bike ride would be relaxing heaven to some but intolerable exercise to me. One person’s simple is another person’s work.

The wife and I plant stuff every spring. I don’t really consider that work until after it’s all done. Then I realize how much actual work I put in.

But all summer I can enjoy the fruit of my labor with just a little watering from time to time. Sometimes stress morphs into simple without our realizing it.

To some people stress is addictive. They crave stress. They become depressed without it. Simple to these folks might look like complete chaos to others.

Simple Physical vs. Simple Mental

While masses of humanity are traversing the slopes many are taxing their mental prowess with all sorts of mental challenges.

While skiing comes easy to some, things like advanced calculus, or metaphysics come easy to others.

Both seem simple to those who are doing them. Is there any real difference between taxing one’s brain and taxing one’s body?

One should certainly get some exercise to maintain good health but a daily run might not be the simplest answer.

Some Final Thoughts

It would seem that simple is a lot like beauty. It’s in the eye of the beholder. What’s simple to one would be totally foreign to someone else.

I would also think that if you were not living a simple life you’d know it. You might have high blood pressure, poor sleeping, bad diet, etc.

But you’ve dug that rut so slowly you might not even realize you’re in it. Can you see people walking by on the ground above you?

Maybe life is better up there — out of the rut. Ask someone for a hand to pull you up.

Are you living a simple life — or just ignoring your rut?

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