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Sitting in my living room, writing this blog surrounded by stuff. Stuff that was purchased one item at a time.

Some stuff we needed, like places to sit, a place to eat, and a place to cook. Other things like a TV, cable box, plants, clocks, were things to add atmosphere or enjoyment to the room.

Not really needs at all but wanting them made them needs, I guess.

Sitting watching bare walls is not as entertaining in 2016 as it was in 1716.

Back in my single days my first TV and stereo stand were cinder blocks with 2x12s between them. And, a very comfortable $5 sofa, from a local junk dealer.

In your twenties all were definitely needs. Today? Not so much.

Waiting In Line For A Need Or Want?

I see people waiting in line for cell phones, concert tickets, — but are those really needs? Or, have you just convinced yourself that they’re worth the hard earned money you are about to part with?

Did I just end a sentence with a preposition? I hate it when I do that. I need a grammar course.

Want Always Justifies Need

If I want something, I can always find a way to justify it as a need. How many of us have ever bought a music CD to get one song?

One song for $10? Or, one song for $10 and 11 free. I need that one song and since the others are free, I might as well go for it.

If we can’t justify the product perhaps we can justify what the end result of using the product does as a need or want.

We not only want clean carpets we need clean carpets.

Some Final Thoughts

Does it really matter if it’s a want or need? We have closets full of stuff we thought we needed or thought we wanted but after a while they’re just dust catchers on a shelf somewhere.

I guess I need to clean some of that stuff out. But I definitely don’t want to do it.

How’s your closet looking?

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