Did you move here to be in a hurry? You’ve probably seen that very popular phrase on bumper stickers in our area. But it sure seems to hit home when I’m out driving.

Whatever happened to “speed kills?”

Maybe I’m just getting old but I think I still drive sensibly and sanely on the bad streets of Bozeman.

I Hate Tailgaters

Taking my wife out for a birthday lunch and I’m doing five miles over the speed limit and the guy behind me is still riding my rear bumper.

I was wondering if I’d somehow cut him off or offended him in some way but when we got to 19th Street and he pulled past me into the left turn lane I got my answer.

Illinois plates.

Obviously he was in a great hurry to get back to Illinois — why I have no idea. According to all the latest news reports it sucks to live in Illinois.

They’re losing businesses and population hand over fist. I think they’ve lost two or three representatives over the past few years.

Anyway I digress. Why does it seem that everyone out driving these days is late for something. Do they not have clocks?

Back in my working days there was a guy who was late for work at least 10-15 minutes each day. And I’m not exaggerating — it was every day.

I asked him why not just get up 10 minutes earlier and do the same stuff and you’d be on time. I might as well have been talking to the wall.

I believe that there are just some people who are incapable of time management. They are always going to be the last ones to the party.

They’re the ones who always walk in front of you after the concert, ballgame, or the movie has already begun.

Some Final Thoughts

My father always told me that being late was a lack of respect for someone else’s time. If they’re there I should be there too.

Before school my mother always checked my watch to make sure it was at least five minutes fast.

If you’re supposed to be somewhere you show up on time or in most cases early she would always tell me. But the question remains.

Did you move here to be in a hurry?

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