My wife and I were out running errands on Saturday and I dropped her off at "World Market" Not my cup of tea so I ran down to Home depot.We have been organizing our home, after 21 moves in 23 years, we had alot of stuff still in Rubbermaid Tubs. So with 35 empty tubs, I needed somewhere to store "The Tubs" If the boss isn't happy, I might need em again.

So I was looking at the display of storage buildings at the end of Home Depot.

#1 was nice but almost $4000. No Thanks

#2 was ok but still $2300, still not sold.

but #3 was kind of  a Rubbermaid building, matches my totes. So I walked up to it to look inside, HOLY CRAP!!!! There was a homeless dude living in there. I felt like I walked into someones Motel Room by accident.

It was quite weird and very awkward.

So if your looking for a shed, don't look inside.

I think I will order online next time.