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County Commissioner Steve White joined Tom Egelhoff who was filling in for Dominick In The Morning last Friday and talked about the yearly closing of Hyalite Road.

The road will be officially closed to motorized traffic on March 31st.

The road is kept open all winter by the joint efforts of the County, the Forest Service and the Friends of Hyalite which is a private organization.

Private and state money allows the road to be plowed during the winter about 24 times each year with the country providing the equipment.

About 20,000 cars a month go up Hyalite during the winter and 40,000 during the warmer months.

Each year the Forest Service closes the road at the end of March. From March 1 to April 15th no motorized traffic is allowed.

Walking of bicycling up to the dam is allowed during this time. This is the time of year to see ice climbing on Paradise Falls or other climbing throughout the area.

There is parking near Paradise Falls so get up there before April 1st.

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