I was a human resources manager for a ten-store chain in San Diego for a time in my working career.

The term human resources was not as popular then as it is now.

I believe we referred to them as personnel or employees.

Define Human Resources

I’m not going to recite the dictionary definitions but will rely on the common sense definition.

My definition of human resources? — people. The very term human resources is, in my opinion, degrading. You might as well call them stuff.

Human beings with thoughts and feelings reduced to things. Interchangeable. Unimportant up to a point.

Every human resources manager in the country would say, “Oh no, we value them as people.”

If that’s true then why the homogenized label? Even the department itself has been reduced to “HR.”


Employees are expected to trade their skills and expertise for compensation from employers.

Customer Service Representative. That’s about the dumbest title I can think of. Oh wait, team member is probably worse.

Customer Service Representative is too long to say in our immediate gratification world. We’ll just call them CSRs for short.

Wouldn’t Customer Service Provider be a more apt definition?

CSP sounds so much better.

Some Final Thoughts

Dale Carnegie once said that a person’s name is the sweetest sound they can hear in any language.

Is it any wonder that working people feel unappreciated when his or her individually is removed?

People are taking to the streets asking for higher pay. Isn’t that a form of recognition?

Aren’t they saying that, in my estimation, I’m worth more?

Self worth and appreciation are often more valuable to employees than a $15 paycheck.

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