This week is National School Choice Week and the big school choice celebration for the state of Montana will be taking place in Billings this Friday, January 28th.

The Montana Family Foundation's Jeff Laszloffy got us up to speed on the latest tax credits available for school choice here in Montana. He also talked about some of the latest school choice victories.

Jeff Laszloffy: You're looking at these kids, many of whom were struggling in a traditional public school setting have now moved to a private school. Many with the help of scholarship granting organizations like we have here in Montana, and they found what we call their perfect educational fit. They they were struggling in the traditional setting, they found a school that worked for them, and now they're succeeding. And that's the point. We want every single kid in this state to get a great education no matter where they get it. So that's the reason for school choice.

He also talked about the recent expansion of the school choice tax credit in Montana, which has both a public school and private school component:

Jeff Laszloffy: Within six minutes all the public school side million dollar credits were used up by like 23 donors. And then on the private school side, the big donors were were holding back they wanted smaller donors to be able to get in there too...It took two weeks on the private school side, the cap has now been reached on the private school side.

Here's the full audio of our chat where we also got an update on the pro life legal battles:



By the way, the school choice celebration in Billings goes from noon-1 p.m. on the Yellowstone County courthouse lawn this Friday. Pizza and refreshments will be served.

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