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When is enough — enough? How much is too much? I find that I am rapidly reaching my personal breaking point. What’s the straw that will break my camels back? “The Government Regulated Bake Sale.”

The Bake Sale

In a recent Wall Street Journal article we find that fund raising bake sales are under attack. Why? Because there is no way they meet the healthy nutrition guidelines set by the all seeing, all knowing, talking heads in Washington, D.C.

I haven’t been living under a rock. I realize that childhood obesity is a problem in this country. Adult obesity is a problem in this country. But fundraising bake sales? Is that where we need to spend our time? Writing regulations for cupcakes?

Someone really needs to compare the revenue from a bake sale selling cupcakes, brownies and pies with a fundraiser selling fruit cups and granola bars. I don’t even think we need to bother with that test.

The Bake Sale Law

The law puts the requirements for nutrition standards in schools on the US Department of Agriculture. The law is all-inclusive over all food and beverages sold during the school day. Vending machines, snack carts and daytime fundraisers are included.

There is some leeway for schools to decide how many bake sales they might schedule during the year that did not meet “big brother’s” standards.

Of course you would have to apply for and receive an exemption to have a “black market” illegal bake sale. Without a state-approved exemption the school could be fined.

So your tax dollars go to the school and right back to the state if your bake sale is “fat” with too many calories. Don’t be surprised if “Nutrition Nazis” show up to picket your sale as unhealthy.

Government Needs To Get A Life

We’ve already seen the results of the First Lady’s healthy lunch program. The garbage cans are overflowing with foods that kids simply are going to pass on eating. This federal mandate says that unless the food in your fundraiser meets Uncle Sam’s idea of what’s good for you, it’s OUT.

Don’t be surprised if the National Guard shows up at your bake sale to maintain order. Can you imagine the demand for fruit cups? Look up and down Main Street. The number of healthy fast food places is mind boggling right? Wrong.

Healthy might be good for you but when it comes to shelling out your hard earned money, even for a good cause, that fundraiser will come up short.

Some Final Thoughts

Recently the government went after your light bulbs. No more incandescent bulbs. They are outlawed and can no longer be manufactured in the US. Shouldn’t those decisions be up to free markets? If you want to save the planet then buy the curly bulbs. The rest of us are quite happy with our oil guzzling bulbs.

Now it’s bake sales. I’m sorry but a federal law on what our kids can eat in schools? Shouldn’t that be up to local parents and school administrators?

I have a real problem when 435 people decide what the lifestyle for 315 million people should be. I think local communities should have the biggest say in what happens in their local communities. What do you think?