It seems like a lot of folks these days seem to be stuck in jobs they don’t like. In some cases it might have been the only opportunity available at the time.

But are times the same today as they were when you took your current job? Have you evaluated other opportunities or is fear of loss more powerful than expectation of gain?

What Makes A Good Job?

That’s going to vary from person to person. For the most part, there is a feeling of satisfaction in what you do. We all want to feel that we make a difference in people’s lives in some way.

Secondly, you need to feel appreciated for what you do as part of the work team by both coworkers or your employer. If either of those were missing, then I would look for a change.

If I’m a construction worker I can drive by a home I built and feel a sense of pride that I provided that home for that family. If I’m a farmer I can take great satisfaction that I put food on someone’s table that day. But if I’m processing bills in some office it’s really hard to feel that you’re making any kind of difference. What’s even worse — one day is pretty much exactly like the previous day.

So how do you become happy in that kind of job?

Own Your Job

No matter how or where I worked I always took ownership of my jobs. I’ve never worked FOR anyone in my life. I have only worked WITH business owners.

No matter what I was doing I took ownership and considered myself an independent business owner of that particular job.

I know that sounds a little silly when you can be shown the door at any moment, but until that day comes, I work for me — not for anyone else.

Wherever I happen to be on the success ladder, I’m always studying the current business and looking for ways I can make myself more valuable and climb higher up the advancement hill.

I always want to make myself more valuable in some way. It’s always easier to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission.

Some Final Thoughts

If I were an artist, would I not try as hard as possible to find a way of earning a living doing what I love? That might not be possible in every vocation — but isn't it worth a look?

If you’re not doing what you love to do — why not? Have you ever sat down to review exactly what you’d have to do to make your dream happen? What you’ll have to give up, what sacrifices you’ll have to make, what expertise or knowledge you’ll have to acquire.

Take another look at your job. If you don’t like it, perhaps some of that is your fault because you don’t realize the value of your service to others. But if your job really does suck then it’s time to make a change. Every day you stay is one day less day of happiness doing something else. Life is too short to be unhappy in your job.

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