"The scenery here is stunning, the mountains are gorgeous..." Yep. We know. I'm honestly pleased that Jetting Julia and her friend had a nice time in Bozeman but JUST ONCE...I'd love to hear a vlogger tell us how crappy their visit was and how much they hate this place. It would be a humorous change of pace.

I mean, wouldn't you garner a shred of enjoyment from at least one human being finding this town unbearable, too gentrified, overdone, and lacking in SOMETHING? It's always the same thing. Cool hotels, adorable downtown, good food, lovely hot springs. That's it, with a few variations.

Jetting Julia seems like a lovely young woman who is smart as a whip. Why? Well, she's got a job with an airline which clearly keeps her busy and traveling, yet she makes time to be a creator of successful videos of her layovers. Double income, baby. Kudos to you, Julia.

It appears that they stayed the night at The Element, did about 10 minutes of shopping in downtown, had a mean at Revelry, then took an Uber out to Bozeman Hot Springs...on a Saturday night, no less. Actually not bad if you've got less than a day in Bozeman.

(With nearly 20 million views on her YouTube videos, this layover thing clearly has some legs.) According to her official 'About' section on YouTube:

Hello! I am a flight attendant who takes her audience with her as she travels the world! As an explorer, fitness fanatic and dog mom I hope to inspire my viewers to live life to the fullest.

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