A new study from WalletHub has ranked the happiest states in America. They didn't look at power or wealth. The environment was the big factor. Besides environment, the analysts studied what people consider being happy is. The findings were also based on things like adequate sleep, divorce rates and participation in sports. With all that happy information, WalletHub come up with which states where the happiest.

The happiest state? Minnesota is the winner. The least happy state? West Virginia. Montana, we fall somewhere in the middle.

Montana is ranked number 23 of all the 50 states. For emotional and physical well-being, we ranked 29th of all the states. I think that is because we have grizzly bears and mountain lions. When we look at "work"environment we jump up to number 6. We drop down to 32 when it comes to feeling like we are a community.

I found it very hard to belive this study when I saw California ranked as thenumber 4 happiest state, number 2 in emotional and physical well-being, 21st in work environment and 21st in community.

People in Montana are happy or unhappy; I think people in California just lie. They pretend to be happy. They are not.



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