The headline in this mornings Bozeman Chronicle reads "City Commission defines short-term rental rules."

This is a story we've been following on Dominick In The Morning. The idea that the city can tell you that you can't rent a room or rent your house out seems wrong. Below is the new rule:

The new rules come with a $250 annual registration fee and a one-time $225 fire inspection fee. Some homeowners will also see a $1,508 fee for an administrative conditional use permit

My callers and I today were upset. The city shouldn't be able to make these rules.

"Bozeman is changing and I don't like it," one caller said.

"It's all happening because these California people are moving here," another caller suggested. I pointed out I moved here from California and was told, "You're a good one."

So almost $2,000 in fees to rent out a room. And like sheep, we just agree to it. What If I am going to Hawaii for four weeks and I let my cousin and her three kids stay at my home so they can enjoy Montana? Do I have to ask permission of the Bozeman City Commission?

Why couldn't someone just say they are letting their best friend from high school stay at their house? Will the City of Bozeman have some kind of a test? What if you let someone stay at your place for free? What if the day they are leaving, they slip you a hundred bucks? Are you allowed to accept it?

It's my house. I pay taxes. I should I be able to do what I want. Two thousand dollars to let someone stay at my house? The City Commission shouldn't have a right to demand money for me letting someone use my own home.

A bad person, will rent out their house and claim they are just letting an old friend use it. Only the hard working honest people will play by the rules. The cost of being honest and truthful is $2,000.


MENLO PARK, CA - OCTOBER 02: The home where Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin rented the garage 8 years ago to set up Google is seen October 2, 2006 in Menlo Park, California. Reportedly, Google purchased the 1,900 square foot house where they used to rent out the garage from Susan Wojcicki for $1,700 a month. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)
(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

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