He's written 18 novels, some of them made the New York Times Best Sellers list. He calls Bozeman his home and he can now live anywhere in the world. Soon he will be executive producer of a multi-million dollar film shooting all around the world. He has casting approval and one of Hollywood's biggest stars, and a great actor will play the lead in the film.

He is Mark Sullivan and he was on Dominick In The Morning for an hour today talking about his book, soon to be movie, and taking calls from listeners.

Sullivan's book Beneath a Scarlet Sky is based on a true life story of a young Italian boy who help saved Jews lives in World War II.

As program director of AM 1450 KMMS, one of the joys of being here in Bozeman is I can spend a whole hour with someone. I have the luxury of time. While the hour went by so fast, if I was doing this show in New York City, San Diego, San Francisco or Las Vegas, I would have been told 7 to 10 minute for an author. In a commercial break, Sullivan and I even talk about how great it was to have time to talk. He had just finished a radio show for the BBC and they had four minutes to talk about a book that took him 10 years to write.

"My question is how do you make money being a writer?" one caller said.

Sullivan smiled and answered, "Write books people want to read."

The next two calls are from women who have read his book and wanted to say how much they loved it. This is what I love about talk radio, regular people can just call into a show and speak with a writer or actor or senator. In the hour we spent with Sullivan, his inspiring story, I think, gave wanna-be writers and authors a shot in the arm. If you want to write...write.


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