As the saying goes, "If you don't like the weather in Montana, wait a minute." What we forget is that sometimes that saying can be reversed too. These fun-seeking out-of-towners were hoping for a peaceful float on the Madison River. What they got was a barrage of golf ball sized hail! Luckily for us they recorded it.

The man who recorded the video was here visiting from New York. He asked around for suggested fun things to do, and floating sounded like a swell idea. Early into the float, they noticed the storm approaching and decided to start heading out. That's right when the hail began and forced them into a '300' style huddle using their rafts as shields. Is this Montana's way of greeting out of state visitors?

I was stuck in similar situations the first three times I went floating on the Madison but never was hail involved - only rain and lighting. Suffice it to say, my friends now have some serious convincing to do if they want to get me back out on the river, and this video does not help me with my reservations one bit! It is now a rule of mine to never depart for a float trip after 12pm because the storms usually hit in the late afternoon.

Have you been caught in a storm while floating? Tell us your story in the comments below.

[via Reddit]

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