Gallatin Valley came out on top in a recent economic study done by SmartAsset.Com.

The study measured each county on the following data: business establishment growth, GDP growth, new building permits and federal contracts.

Gallatin County came out number one in Montana and number 26 in the nation. So you can pat yourselves on the back for that one.

What’s Not To Like?

Like most of you, I found Gallatin County and fell in love with it. As I’ve said many times, it really is “The Last Best Place on Earth.”

It’s no surprise that companies like Oracle decided to stay rather than pack up and move. MSU has a new business building and a new business direction that can only be positive for our county in the coming years.

The only negative, as we peer into this economic sunrise, is our liberal city commission who prefers to stifle growth and prosperity at all costs. Capitalism need not apply.

There’s Investing — Then There’s Investing

Some of you might be saying this is great for the rich, but what does it do for me — the little guy? Plenty!

Do you really think our success is only funded by the wealthy and affluent? When you donate to the food bank, you invest.

When you adopt an animal, you invest. When you spend your hard earned dollars with a local merchant, you invest. Buy a car, a home, rent an apartment, have a birthday party, hunt, fish, or ski you invest.

Our very location is a maximum attraction for growth and prosperity. If it can be done outdoors we do more of it right here than most any of our competitors. Hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, golfing, floating, skiing, snowboarding, ice climbing, ice skating, mountaineering, jet skiing and we shoot gophers too. And we do it surrounded by the most beautiful scenery and wildlife anywhere.

Where else would you rather do all those things — Kansas?

On top of that Glacier and Yellowstone National Parks are a stones throw away. And you can gamble too. Talk about a major investment experience.

Some Final Thoughts

Investing is more than mere money. It’s heart and mind, body and sprit. We put all those things into our lifestyle here everyday. That’s why we’re number one.

It’s people that make a place what it is. We don’t look for opportunity here — we create it.

Why would we accept anything less? It’s no wonder everyone wants to come here.

Tell us about your Gallatin County Investments in The Last Best Place on Earth.

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