If you don't have anything good to say...don't say anything.

That's what I wish our governor, Steve Bullock, would have done. When President Trump pulled us out of the Paris Climate Agreement, I watched him on television explain why. I was shocked to find out America was going to be really hurt if we stayed in.

China could build another 200 coal-burning power plants and we, the United States, which burns coal cleaner than China, can't. Not one new power plant.

When I found out India can do whatever it wants environmentally and in 2030 they would follow the agreement. Oh, did I not mention they had to receive over $2,000,000,000,000.00 (that's 2 trillion) in aid or they didn't have to follow the agreement in 2030?

The President, in the Rose Garden, went on to explain a lot of bad things about the agreement and why we needed to pull out.

So this morning when Governor Bullock says America's decision to withdraw from the Paris Agreement was "short-sighted and dangerous," I began to wonder - does the governor of Montana own a television set? Did he not see the President's speech?

Bullock goes on to say in a statement that President Trump's actions would hurt Montana. What is he talking about? Wait, Bullock is a Democrat. Could it be he is just following the party line? He is just repeating the Democrat talking points?

Is it just me or doesn't the governor understand that there is, and always will be, climate change? The weather changes. If every person on Earth stopped using autos, all the power plants were shut down, no one used hairspray, if we went back to living in caves and had no carbon footprint, the climate would still change.

What we are calling climate change is NOT caused by humans.

President Trump and other conservative voices were explaining this all day on television. How could Governor Bullock not understand this?

Someone buy the governor of Montana a television set, hook up cable, and put on FOX News. It's so simple.




(The associated press contributed to this story)

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