Members of the Gallatin Valley Republican Women organization were on my show today. Their organization's goal is "to inform and educate the public through political education and activity." They try to "promote the principles of freedom, equality and justice on which the government of this country is founded."

Sounds good, right?  We would talk about Montana politics, President Trump and an event they have coming up.

One of the board members, Marilyn Hendry, who is a native Montanan and graduated MSU, was talking about what the organization does. The talk turned to President Trump and the election. She was, and is, a big Trump supporter, so much so that her license plates have Trump's name on them.

I asked her about plates and the interview took a different turn. Marilyn, who is a kind, sweet woman, told me she was attacked. At first she didn't seem to want to talk about it, but she did.

She said her neighbors, who she considered friends, saw her plates. They didn't like them. Marilyn was outed to them as a Trump supporter. As she returned home one day her neighbors began shouting at her.

"How could you vote for that guy?" they yelled. Soon yelling led to screaming, cursing at her, rocks thrown at her car.  She was under attack by the neighbors for being a conservative Republican.

The harassment continued and Marilyn explained how other members in the Gallatin Valley Republican Women organization had to remove signs and bumper stickers because of harassment.

But Marilyn stood her ground. She wasn't going to get new car license plates because her neighbors didn't like Trump.

Agree or disagree with her politics, Marilyn is a strong woman who wouldn't back down. Rocks and curses and threats of violence would have made others give in. She would not.


Because, she explained, I am a Montanan.

Nation Goes To The Polls In Contentious Presidential Election Between Hillary Clinton And Donald Trump
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