Governor Steve Bullock was at the Pentagon over the weekend with Governors from nine other states and a gathering of many of the nation’s top military leaders.

"There are 10 governors: five democrats and five republicans who get appointed to a group called the 'Council of Governors,'" Bullock said. "What our job really is to do is work with all of our branches of military to ensure that the National Guard's interests are served, have discussions with the military, more or less to ensure our voices are heard at the table."

Bullock said that the governors were united in making sure cuts to the National Guard didn’t put states at risk.

"Our National Guard, men and women, not only are they there for the fires and floods, but they're active military and combat roles now," Bullock said. "Really a lot of the state's efforts is to ensure that as they look at cuts, potentially enforce budgets, that that doesn't fall disproportionately on the state's."

Other topics discussed by the Council of Governors included cyber security and border security.

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