ICYMI: As Heard on Montana Talks
Staff Sergeant David Bellavia is the first living Iraq War veteran to receive the medal of honor. Last week, he was inducted into the Pentagon’s Hall of Heroes. If you missed his incredible speech, you can watch it below.
Little Known 9/11 Facts
Type the flight number of the first plane to hit the twin towers — Q33 NY — in all caps. Highlight Q33 NY and change the font to “(You'll have to read the blog)” and set the font size to 72. See what you get.
Women in Combat?
The armed services will have till January of 2016 to assess the situation and decide what functions women will or will not perform on the battlefield.
East Coast Rocked by Earthquake, Pentagon Evacuated
An earthquake epicentered in Virginia occurred Tuesday afternoon, with people in Washington, DC, New York, Ohio, North Carolina, Massachusetts and Toronto reporting they felt the tremors, as well.
Reports thus far indicate the quake registered a 5.9 on the Richter scale.
Terminator Tech. Soldier Vision
Imagine the most terrifying soldier in sci-fi movie history. Did you think of the Arnold's Terminator? The U.S. Government did and that is why the pentagon is looking into turning our soldiers terminators by giving them the similar vision capabilities.