I remember back when former Democrat Gov. Steve Bullock (D-MT) issued his statewide mask mandate. Montanans were outraged. Is he just doing Chuck Schumer's bidding?

(Photo by Stefani Reynolds/Getty Images)
(Photo by Stefani Reynolds/Getty Images)

One of our radio listeners referred to them as "Bullock's Burqas." (Bullock, and the Montana Democrats across the board, later got trounced in the US Senate race in 2020)

When I shared a piece that I wrote summing up the opposition to the mask mandate back in July of 2020, and how one of our listeners referred to the masks as "Bullock's Burqas" you know who complained? Not just the liberal Democrat party activists in Helena- it was people in the media. How dare you question the government! How dare you criticize the governor's mask mandate!

This is why journalists are supposed to question all sides. Instead of questioning the government, we had journos lecturing the rest of us NOT to question the government with this stuff. That was my reaction to the New York Times piece which effectively said that mask-wearing had zero statistical impact on COVID-19.

Here's what Clay Travis tweeted out Tuesday:

After over two years arguing in favor of mask mandates, this morning @nytimes finally acknowledged in an article that the data clearly shows wearing masks, and mask mandates, has had zero statistical impact on covid.

Here's the key excerpt from the NY Times story:


Here's what one of our radio listeners, Dick, shared back in 2020 regarding Bullock's mask mandate:

I believe you are correct- everyone went along with the 14 day shutdown to allow hospitals prepare and get ahold of things- but that went into weeks and then months and from there on it's been going down hill .. When all the Democrat politicians let the anarchists of BLM and ANTIFA break all Covid -19 rules while rioting, looting, burning and terrorizing cities-- and instead of arresting them - they promoted the actions-- it all went out the door...

- Dick


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