Like gardening, free stuff and up-cycling? Then check the Bozeman Craigslist Free Stuff because at the moment there are tons of free pots and just about EVERYTHING you need to build some cold boxes or a small greenhouse.

This year was perhaps the biggest 'gardening' year ever with folks spending so much time at home but needing to keep themselves busy. (Not to mentions the kiddos.)

It doesn't matter if you filled a few containers with flowers and herbs or got more bold with your fist proper vegetable garden...its takes some stuff to make any of that happen.

Here's just a couple of the good freebies we found on Craigslist today:


FREE: Nothing fancy but it's a big pile of free, black plastic pots. These are super easy to clean and reuse. Just a light bleach-water mixture does the trick...I've done that several times. Having these around is GREAT to either pot something (obviously) or to fetch plants, bulbs or dirt that inevitably get gifted among gardeners throughout the season. These are located out in Belgrade but if you miss them, pots are a common free item on Craigslist. But they do disappear quickly!

FREE: An unopened bag of Quikrete! Again, not earth shattering but a free bag is cool to have around. Crafty folks can make their OWN pots out of this stuff. (I did it once and it was pretty cool.) And you never know when you might NEED it to hold up a fence post in a pinch.


FREE: Aluminum storm windows with the panes AND the screens! I'm guessing these need a good scrubbing but they're PERFECT for either making individual tops for cold frame boxes or use several of them for a homemade greenhouse.

There are also several listings for free wood of various kinds, finished and unfinished. Depending on your goals and what tools you already have, you can be well on your way to building your own project for free!


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