American’s seem to love their beer and show no signs of slowing down in their consumption of it. Beer has been around for centuries and is consumed around the world — even in Utah.

Some Beer Facts

  • 50 billion pints of beer are sold annually in the United States.
  • As of June 2013 there are 2538 breweries in the US.
  • A beer keg capable of holding all the beer American’s consume each year would be 870 feet wide. Or almost three football fields.
  • There are more breweries in the United States than any other country in the world.
  • Top five beer-drinking countries in gallons per person per year.
    • Czech Republic 41.4 gallons
    • Ireland 34.6 gallons
    • Germany 30.6 gallons
    • Australia 29.0 gallons
    • Austria 28.6 gallons

The US checks in at #13 with 21.6 gallons per person each year.

Beer Facts You Didn’t Know

An Oregon brewmaster uses his own facial hair to brew his lager. This probably sounds a little gross but when you think that all beer is made from bit of nature left to rot I guess it makes sense. I see a new profit center for ZZ Top and the Duck Dynasty crew.

Marijuana Beer?

Hops, the flavoring agent in beer, is a member of the “Cannabaceae” family that is also a relative of “Cannabis sativa,” our old friend the Marijuana plant. Is someone out there brewing “Miller HIGH Life?” Is genetic grafting of the two plants possible? Sounds like a job for Monsanto.

The End of History?

A UK brewery produces the world’s strongest beer with an alcohol volume of 55 percent. If that doesn’t make it unique enough then perhaps the packaging will. Yep, the brand called, “The End of History,” comes in a bottle inside a real dead squirrel with the neck of the bottle and cork sticking out the mouth. I guess the alternative could be in a skunk coming out the other end?

Best Beer In The World

I’ll give you a hint — it’s not Bud Light. When we talk about the best most people would say it’s a matter of taste. However, among beer aficionados there is no dispute. It has a 10.2 alcohol volume and is made by Monks deep in the forests of Belgium. The world’s top beer, Westvleteren 12” sells for between $75 and $85 for a six pack and two tasting glasses. Be prepared to wait in a line of cars that stretches for miles.

Some Final Thoughts

It’s the simple things in life that count. A ballgame, a hotdog and a cold beer — that’s livin.’ I wonder how good a hotdog would taste with a nice cold Solo Cup of Westvlteren 12? Anyone wanna make a beer run to the forests of Belgium? I’ve got a hundred burning a hole in my pocket. I’ll bring the chips.

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