Child Bridge was on Dominick In The Morning today. The organization helps put together abused and neglected children with foster families in Montana.

Rick Valore is the Community Director for Bozeman, and he is so proud that some children have even been adopted.

Valore says he is doing God's work in helping children. While Child Bridge is a faith-based Christian organization, I wondered if they only looked for foster homes that were religious.

Valore explained how they look and only care about what is best for the child. So, if you want to be a foster parent or even think adoption might be something you like, Child Bridge works with all people. Christian, Jewish, non-religious families who just want to do good, click on Child Bridge and say "hello."

Also, on the show today, Jennifer Bordy who co-hosts with me on Thursday, told me she used to be a foster parent. I really admire people who do things like that. But the best thing is that after hearing about Child Bridge and that so may kids are in need, she may become a foster parent again.


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