The Park County Fair is going strong in Livingston. While not as fancy as the Big Sky Country State in Bozeman, Stacy Sunvision, one of the fair organizers, says there are a lot of fun things people can do at the Livingston fair.

There will be lots to do. If you like rodeo, the 10th Annual Park Country Ranch is tomorrow night. I hate clowns, so for me, hearing Patty Cakes the clown will be doing a magic show is not a big draw. But if you have kids who like clowns, Patty Cakes might be fun for you.

Sunvision, also talked about something called, Paintless Paintball. Now I used to play paintball when I lived in Hollywood. It was lots of fun. The way it works is the paintball gun shoots balls filled with paint. Sunvision says paintless paintball is the same thing except the balls aren't filled with paint... Duh, I know that. But the purpose of the paint is to show if someone on the other side got hit. They have a big spot of paint on them.

If there was no paint, someone might not admit they were hit. They could lie and keep playing. Paintless paintball sounds like fun, but without the paint, I warned her people could lie. Stacy Sunvison looked at me like I was crazy. She said,"We're in Montana, they will not lie."

Hmmmmmm. Check it out... The Park County Fair.




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