Our guest this week is former Montana Senator Dave Lewis. He is the former Budget
Director under Governors from both parties. He was also a member of the Montana state
house and Senate.

Tom, Shane and Dave discussed Ballot Initiative 185 which will be on the November ballot as a tax on smoke products to help offset the cost of Medicaid that will be losing government support.

Some of the points we covered in this interview were where the money goes from this tax increase.

We discussed the Constitutionality of the initiative along with the future cost to tax payers. There could be problems down the road of making the expansion program permanent.

How much of an unfunded liability will be created?

And what changes to Medicaid Expansion could occur which would be nearly impossible to reverse if this initiative passes?

NOTE: We apologize that Dave’s phone did not have the best connection, but we hope that you can hear enough to make an informed decision as to whether you can support I-185 or not. Click the triangle in the black box below to listen to this interview.

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