My folks just came out to visit from Northern Illinois, "Corn Country", you know the old saying Knee High by the 4th of July, well try Head High by the 4th of July. The local sweet corn back there was awesome, they brought out 4 dozen...GONE, in 4 days. But try to enjoy what we have here.

Bozeman went from having only one farmer's market a week to THREE!!

The Bogert Farmer's Market is held every Tuesday from 5 to 8pm; the Gallatin Valley Farmer's Market every Saturday from 9 am to Noon held in the Haynes Pavilion at the Gallatin County Fairgrounds; and now there is even a Monday evening farmer's market from 5 to 8pm at the Rockin' TJ Ranch!

There is no shortage of home made goodies and fresh fruits and vegetables in the valley!

Getcha some!!!

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