Once a month on Dominick In The Morning, we talk to religious leaders from around Bozeman on the big issues. This morning Rabbi Ed of Temple Beth Shalom talked about the lord. I am a Christian and Rabbi Ed isn't. So a Jew and a Christian sat together and pondered the question, "Does God Make Mistakes?"

The rabbi explained when something happens one might look at it as a mistake, but someone else might not. He told a story about a mother rabbit who loved her new baby rabbit and took it outside to enjoy the sun. A hawk flew down and grabbed the baby rabbit and flew away eating it.

To the mother rabbit, God made a mistake. To the hawk, God just provided breakfast. So what some people think of a mistake, others may not. The rabbi also pointed out how God made everything, even disease, for a purpose. We just don't understand it yet.

My answer was much shorter. Does God make mistakes? No!


(Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)