For those interested in a new kind of healthcare career, the University of Montana Curry Health Center is training health behavior coaches.

Health Coach Coordinator Kayli Julius said the program is primarily for those who are deeply interested in the interrelationship among all aspects of health (social, emotional, mental, spiritual and physical) and in the social and behavioral sciences.

"The program here at the Curry Health Center has been around since 2011," Julius said. "We launched the certificate program a year ago. Students will graduate with a certificate that helps students on the University of Montana campus make behavior changes around anything related to health and wellness. Health coaching is a way to help individuals make lifestyle changes, so the program is self-directed by the student.  It's a free service for students on campus."

Julius said some of the graduates have been assigned to the International Heart Institute at St. Patrick Hospital.

"At the International Heart Institute the patients have had cardiac events, so we're really trying to help them exercise more, make healthier food choices and how to take their medications correctly," she said. "Current sessions are taking place at the YMCA, because Providence has a partnership with the 'Y', and there's a private space there to hold those coaching sessions."

Julius said the program is not currently available to the general public, but businesses and organizations can set up internships through the Curry Health Center.

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