Jay Owenhouse is world famous as an illusionist and escape artist and lives right here in Bozeman. Saturday (October 14) he brings his show to the MSU Fieldhouse. I am also excited to have him as a guest this week on Dominick In The Morning.

What will Jay Owenhouse and I talk about? Magic, tigers, traveling the world performing. But I am going to try my hardest to get him to tell us how he does this magic stuff.

We all know people can't fly and you can't cut someone in half without killing them. It looks so real. How does he do it?

In Jay's show he will repeat some of the greatest illusions from magician Harry Houdini. The Jay Owenhouse show was voted "One of the Top Ten Live Shows in America."

The show is family safe, and we are giving listeners a chance to will a couple of tickets to the Saturday performance by going to KMMSAM.COM and clicking on the What's Hot Bar.




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