For those who may be unfamiliar with the term Bucket List a quick definition might be in order.

A Bucket List is a list of things a person might like to accomplish before they kick the bucket. Or, in other words, die.

Typically, the younger you are the longer your bucket list will be. It might be travel, job, marriage, kids, to name just a few.

The older you get the shorter the list. I’ve been a lot of places and accomplished quite a bit during my years on this old earth.

As a result of that long life I’m not sure I even need a list any longer. Not too much I can think of that I’ve not already done.

Bucket List Parameters

Due to physical conditions I may have to amend the few things on my list. I’m probably not going to climb Mt. Everest. In fact, I’m probably not going to climb Pete’s Hill in Bozeman.

Stairs are not my friend these days.

Anything that requires standing in line or walking distances more that my height will be scratched off the list. Thankfully I have a sit-down job.

We all have to adjust our list to reflect the reality of the world we live in and our own physical limitations.

If I were younger I might be a marathon runner or do that swim, ride a bike and run a marathon thing. Triathlon?

Just thinking about doing all that makes me tired.

Some Final Thoughts

As many of you know I’ve lived in Bozeman over 25 years and have yet to visit Yellowstone Park. It’s on my list to do it someday.

I would also really like to see the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution in Washington, D.C.

Other than those two things sitting on my deck, enjoying an adult beverage, watching the world go by is at the top of my list.

What’s on your bucket list? Comments below.

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