I have to credit my Facebook friend David Rye as the inspiration for this blog. Here is my contribution to his thoughts.

There is a real danger in America. No I’m not talking about Clinton or Trump.

I’m talking about the danger that if you don’t keep up with language changes you will be quickly left behind speaking a language no one but you can understand.

Why Not Call Things What They Are?

When did movie previews become trailers? Aren’t they opposites? Don’t previews come at the beginning and a trailer at the end?

We park in driveways and drive on parkways. What's up with that?

If that girl is really bad — she’s good? If I’m down with something I’m actually up for it?

I have issues. No you don’t. You have what used to be referred to as problems. You have problems, not issues. Admit it — get help. Find a good 12-step program that helps with your problems — not your issues.

Why Call Things What They Used To Be?

Do you still look for needles in haystacks even though haystacks are as rare as hen’s teeth these days?

Hen’s teeth would be rare but who noticed how rare they were?

Do I sound like a broken record? Should I sound like a stuck CD? Not sure that will ever catch on. Broken 8-track?

If you're toast does that mean you're well bread? Sorry, couldn't help it.

Political Correctness

The terms Boys and Girls are officially out at some Nebraska schools. These nouns are now verboten in the educational lexicon.

Kids could be referred to as Purple Penguins. With the school boards blessing.

You can’t make this stuff up.

If there’s any way for society to go off the deep end — it does. And takes as many Lemmings as possible along with them.

And if you don’t put your stamp of approval on these new rules then there is something seriously wrong with you. You clearly have issues.

Some Final Thoughts

If only the world were as simple as when I was a child. Parents didn’t talk in euphemisms. There was no time out to think about what you did wrong.

There were no child psychologists unless you want to hang that moniker on Mom.

How have we come so far yet gained so little?

You’d think we’d have spend the last 50 years simplifying things not making them more complicated.

Which to you prefer?

The shortest distance between two points is a straight line.

Or, if two relative points are to be connected to each other then the preferred method is to use a line of undetermined width that does not deviate in any direction in its travel and attempt to come into contact with the second point without pursuing beyond or past said second point.

We’ve learned nothing from KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid.

Perhaps being out of touch with all these changes would just be a saner, simpler, place. Let me know when you find that needle.

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