The newest buzzword on the American scene these days is snowflake. It lumps today’s youth who are whining, sniveling, entitlement rich brats who think the world owes them a living, multiple perks at work, and lots of time off.

Lots of taking coupled with very little giving in return.

What’s a “Snowflake Test”

The Snowflake Test is the brainchild of Kyle S. Reyes. He’s the President and CEO of The Silent Partner Marketing.

He discovered that whenever he needed to hire new employees the pool to select from was pretty small when it came to employees with the same mindset as his.

In other words those candidates that really wanted to work and learn. Dedicated workers with a positive work ethic willing to put in the work before reaping the rewards of their labor.

So he decided to come up with a series of 30 questions that would weed out those job seekers just looking for a big paycheck and a host of personal perks and benefits.

Some Final Thoughts

How many of your current employees would flunk the snowflake test? Are their other questions you could add to the list?

Will you be using this list or something similar in your future interviews?

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