Tom Egelhoff filled in for Dominick In The Morning on Tuesday January 30th. Jeff Krauss, former Bozeman Mayor and current City Commissioner talked with Tom about Bozeman politics.

The Commission finally put the Mandeville Farm issue to bed after several years of courtroom drama and picked up a cool $1million settlement. That might just cover the attorney’s costs.

The two also discussed another topic from the Monday night meeting and that was a community college in Bozeman.

There was gender equal pay for any vendors who did business with the city and also having a central location where food trucks could congregate perhaps once a month of food fairs.

Due to all our snow one of our callers questioned whether Bozeman was ready for flooding if our large snowfall melted too quickly.

As usual Jeff brings us up to speed on Bozeman politics. Check out this informative interview below.

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