Progressives hate capitalism. Why is that?

One reason is that with capitalism there’s no limit to heights anyone can reach. That really distorts dependency on government to take care of you that progressives favor.

You don’t really think you are qualified to manage your own affairs do you? What planet are you from?

Capitalist Complexities

The more capital the more choices you have in your daily life. Freedom of where to live and how to live. Those with less capital find themselves with fewer choices and more dependency to reach the norms of society.

The most interesting thing about anti-capitalism is the great paradox called, income inequality.”

Capitalists are vilified for all the material things they have by a group of people that want others less fortunate to have those same filthy material things.

I’m not sure how to put that in proper context.

Someone works and sacrifices to have nice things and they are the bad guy unless they give some of their spoils to others who did not work and sacrifice to have the same nice things the capitalist has though no effort on their part.

Things The Capitalist Can’t Buy

The capitalist can’t buy good health, but he or she can buy good insurance. Capitalism gives more options. Capital doesn’t make life better, but it sure can make life easier when it comes to monetary things.

Then why are capitalists such bad people? Shouldn’t they be held up as role models for those less fortunate?

“Here’s how I did it; here’s how you can do it.”

There is a level playing field called the United States. People on one side of the 50-yard line get to use power lawn mowers while those on the other side use hand mowers.

You would think the folks pushing the hand mowers might say to themselves, “I got to get me one of those.” Instead of, “Can I get someone to push this mower for me?”

Some Final Thoughts

Climb over the hill or take the path and go around the hill. Climbing over the hill takes work; walking the path around the hill takes time.

Or should someone carry you to the top of the hill?

That’s not a bad deal unless you are the one doing the carrying.

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