The late Margret Thatcher said, I always cheer up immensely if an attack is particularly wounding because I think, well, if they attack one personally, it means they have not a single political argument left.”

Margret Sums It Up Correctly

If you like Trump for president then get ready for lots of personal attacks on social media. Hillary supporters are not immune either.

That’s always been our political system. What’s changed in recent years is the advent of social media.

Discussing the issues is way too much work. There’s actually study involved. Who wants to subject themselves to all that pain?

Why on earth would I bother to be informed on issues when I can just vote for the person I like rather than the one I hate.

It’s much easier to simply tell the out of touch Facebook friend that they are an idiot or worse.

No need to pull out facts and figures when other haters are happy to post all the meme’s you could ever need to prove your point with no study whatsoever.

Who cares if the information is true?

Who’s going to bother to check its accuracy?

As long as it’s cute or hurtful who cares if it’s accurate?

We Seem To Be Equal Opportunity Haters

There is no shortage of hate groups in today’s America. Christians and Muslims are common social media targets. Rich vs. Poor always gets a lot of “likes.”

Religion, Cops, Guns, Climate Change, and Income Inequality, there’s more than enough hate on both sides to last a lifetime.

Without a totally accurate scientific poll it seems, on the surface, that Democrat politicians have affairs and Republicans steal money.

There is no shortage of newspaper or TV spots I can pull up to shine the light on the despicable actions of the opposition party and reduce it to quivering Jello.

Then I can sleep soundly knowing I’ve vanquished and silenced their pathetic message.

Some Final Thoughts

I remember how terrified everyone was of Ronald Reagan. “He used to be a Democrat.” “He’s divorced.” “He’s just a TV person. Totally unqualified.” “He’ll start WW 3.”

John F. Kennedy was still wet behind the ears when he ran. Everyone was sure the Pope would be calling the shots in that administration.

Sound familiar?

Thankfully there are only a couple of months left before the election. I doubt that will stop the hate. There are still plenty of targets out there.

I hate that.

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