With the first 2020 Presidential Primaries just four months away many voters are concerned that Russian interference on social media could happen again.

In order to counter these fears a September 4th meeting with Homeland Security, The FBI, Office of the Director of National Intelligence, Twitter, Google, and Microsoft, was held at the Menlo Park, California offices of Facebook.

Social Media Needs to Improve

Some of the tactics used in the 2020 election were phishing (making an illegitimate site look legitimate to gain personal information), hacking attempts on candidates and political parties, digital attacks, and advertising purchased by bogus companies to deceive social media followers.

2020 Social Media Goals

The main goal of the group will be to put systems and improvements in place to identify and prevent foreign entities from attacking both candidates and parties by posting false information that might influence voters.

Some Final Thoughts

While the goals of these folks are very noble, we have to remember that virtually all of them are very liberal in their political beliefs.

Just how aggressive are they going to be in their sifting out of bogus information? And even more important who’s going to be the watchdog of these groups to insure fairness in their postings?

Are we sending the foxes to guard the hen house?

What do you think?

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