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Have you ever done that? Asked someone his or her “honest” opinion? When you do that two things happen.

First, you show your respect for the person giving you that “honest” opinion, and second they may be totally unqualified to give it to you.

Ask An Authority

If I were going to buy my first home I would probably sit down with my father because he had the experience to give me a starting point.  He could walk me through the decision making process he and my mother had gone through.

However, I probably would not ask him about starting and running an Internet business that he had no level of expertise to share.

If I needed golf tips I would probably not ask a bowler. I would head to the local country club and ask the club pro to spend a little time with me.

The only way I can get a truly “honest” opinion is from someone qualified to give it.

What To Do Before Asking For That “Honest” Opinion

If you are going to use some of an expert’s valuable time make sure you have all your ducks in a row before you ask for an opinion.

What do you need to know and what will be the impact of this new knowledge?

Do you have all the facts assembled in logical order? Can you keep your own opinions out of the conversation and concentrate on the specifics?

The Danger Of An “Honest” Opinion

Asking for an opinion from an uninformed source can send you in the wrong direction and derail your dreams.

If a friend rejects your business startup idea who thinks he or she is trying to protect you from failure is not helpful. They don’t have the facts or expertise to advise you correctly.

Many people’s dreams have been derailed by seeking advice from the wrong sources.

Is it the right opportunity, the right partner, the right vacation spot? Some things we feel are right in our hearts but need confirmation.

Some Final Thoughts

Many people ask me for business advice. In most cases I refer them to people I know can advise them better than I can.

My main advice is helping them in asking the right questions and where to go for the info they need.

I don’t have the passion for their idea so giving them yes or no would be doing them a great disservice. I would be uninformed.

What I can impart is my experience with the success or failure of other similar businesses and the historic reasons for that success or failure.

If you had a serious medical condition would you get a second opinion? You would get that second opinion from a qualified specialist.

Find a qualified specialist and get an “honest” opinion from multiple qualified sources.

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