I’ve lost count of how many pets I’ve had over the years but each one was special in some way. The most unfortunate thing about both dogs and cats is their short lifespan.

We don’t get to enjoy them nearly as long as we’d like. In spite of that they are family members. Their loss is just as sad and traumatic as the loss of a human family member.

I realize there are some reading this blog that can’t comprehend that kind of love, respect and affection for someone who licks your kitchen floor.

If you have a dog or cat there is a good chance at one time or another you spoke baby talk to them. And they would cock their head to the side as if to say, “What the hell are you doing?”

Our dog Carly (above right) goes literally crazy when we come home after a trip out. Our cat Trouble (above left) could care less that we are home unless it’s near her mealtime.

She does live up to her name by making sure that anything on a table or counter should be on the floor and it’s her life’s work to make sure that all areas are clear of what she considers debris.

Our cat Trouble is a Walmart cat. There was someone out front giving baby cats away. She was amazingly tiny when we got her but is now a full sized feline that rules her territory outside.

Carly is a pound puppy that had a very bad start in life. She was left at the Heart of the Valley shelter in bad shape. The shelter would not share with us what happened to her but thankfully she recovered and picked us for her new home.

She was a handful early. She ate two pairs of headphones, a couple of TV remote controls, a couple of books and CD’s but eventually grew out of that and turned into a really great dog.

She shares my pillow at night. Trouble rules the foot of the bed.

Some Final Thoughts

Another unintended consequence of having pets is you can have kids at any age.

As the wife often tells people, “Our kids all have four feet and fur.”

So as winter approaches let’s all make sure that our pets have warm shelter. If you’re cold chances are they are too.

Give them love and affection and they will return it tenfold. Who could ask for more?

What’s your favorite pet story? Comments below.

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