Bozeman's oldest Veteran tells his experience at Iwo Jima. The battle was tough for all involved and we lost more soldiers than we did on D-Day. Corporal, Bob McGray, explains what made it so difficult that day and the will of American soldiers. It will give you chills hearing his first hand account of the battle.

Judy Slate - KBZK

"The infantry was having a terrible time. I lost friends and I seen people I didn't know lying on the ground heads gone, legs gone, arms gone it just made me sick," he said. "Frankly, we were absolutely befuddled. We were tired. We were achy all our fire had gone out."

McGray believes it was the flag that helped them turn around the situation.

"Somebody said, ‘Look, the flag!' They hoisted our flag up Mt. Suribachi, and you should have seen it, a bunch of Marines come to life, they just went wild."

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