Many of you may remember that last summer we gave a running day by day account of the Go Fund Me money raised by wounded veteran Brian Kolfage to build a section of wall at the southern border.

The fund raised $25 million dollars in a very short amount of time and they actually started construction of the wall, but a federal judge stopped that construction.

The judge wanted to make sure they wall complies with International Boundary and Water Commission Treaty guidelines to prevent erosion or re-route floodwater.

Government Shutdown Trigger

This Go Fund Me effort was triggered by the government shutdown when President Trump was pressuring congress for $7 billion dollars to fund more wall on the Mexican border.

At the time some people wondered if it was a scam or if any of the donated money would actually be used to build the wall.

As it turns out the group has built a little less than a mile of wall near Betto O’Rourke’s hometown of El Paso with another 6 miles planned in the Rio Grande Valley.

Some Final Thoughts

If the government won’t do what the people want, then the people will. Unless of course you happen to be in the United States of America.

When government won’t act shouldn’t the people pick up the gauntlet and finish the job?

How does anyone know where flood water will go?

I hope the group eventually solves whatever issues the judge has and continues in their rights to protect their borders even when the government refuses to.

Good for them.

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